Buy Online Aqquatix USA AqquaPRO Treadmill

Aqquatix USA AqquaPRO Treadmill

AqquaPRO Treadmill Mechanical Treadmill designed for aqua walking and running. This treadmill is ideal for fitness training, rehabilitation activities, and low impact exercise. The treadmill can also be used for numerous exercises such as crunches, dips etc. Specifications: Material: Stainless Steel 316L Size: 23 x 56 x 50(h) inches Water Depth: 40 to 55 inches Incline: 13A° Weight: 55 LbsThe AqquaPro Treadmill is ideal for underwater fitness training. The treadmill is stable, reliable, has smooth belt movement, and requires minimum maintenance. The treadmill can be folded for easy storage when out of the water.