Discounted BOB Sport Utility Single Baby Stroller Orange

BOB Sport Utility Single Baby Stroller Orange
Shop for Carriages and Strollers from! In the spring, a runner's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of. getting away from the treadmill, and with the B.O.B. Sport Utility Single Stroller - Orange you can do just that. Don't bother getting someone to watch your child for you; with the smooth and comfortable ride of this sport utility stroller, your little one will be as anxious as you are to get out and enjoy the warm weather and fresh air. B.O.B. has designed this stroller to provide both you and your child with a comfortable ride whether on or off the road. The fixed front wheel keeps the stroller's forward motion steady so that not even slight play will slow you down. Coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers provide three inches of wheel travel, and the adjustable release knobs ensure that your stroller will have just the right suspension you need as your child grows. When spring's thaw turns into summer's sunny heat wave, the adjustable canopy will keep your little one shielded from the elements so you still won't have to worry about their comfort or safety while you're out on the trail. When you're craving a new trail or want to hook up with a friend to have some company on your run, the stroller's easy, two-step folding and lightweight frame make storage and transport a cinch. Why feel boxed in, when you could instead expand your exercise horizons, getting yourself and your child out into fresh air and natural surroundings. Additional features: Fixed front wheel for increased stability State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system Easy, two-step folding Ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seat Adjustable canopy with viewing window Padded handlebar High-impact polymer composite wheels are extra tough Knobby tires offer added traction to keep you moving1 Low Boy Cargo Basket, 1 large seatback pocket Internal seat pockets Parking brake, hand brake Tracking knob to keep stroller rolling straight Design specifications: Weight: 26lbs. Capacity: 70lbs. (occupant plus luggage weight)Padded 5-point harness Frame material: high-strength chromoly, aluminum Seat material: water-repellant coated weave fabric Open cell foam padding Pneumatic, knobby tires: 2W x 16H inches Pneumatic tubes with schrader valve Hub: quick release axle Sealed cartridge ball bearings High-impact polymer composite wheels and spokes Hand break, foot-activated parking break Wrist strap, seat retention strap Canopy: 5 position toggle, 125-degree range About B.O.B.In 1994, Roger Malinowski, a bicycle industry maven, met Philip Novotny, an airline mechanic, in San Luis Obispo, California. From the marriage of Novotny's ingenuity and Malinowski's industry knowhow came B.O.B, a world-renowned company with roots in developing revolutionary bicycle trailers such as the YAK. Once Malinowski and Novotny began raising families, they felt an urge to start applying the innovative principles they developed in bicycle trailers to strollers. They strived to build a superior product that would combine the best of a bunch of worlds: a lightweight, high-quality stroller that you could take running, hiking, and off-roading and that would still fold up easily and compactly. Like any sensible entrepreneurial parent, Malinowski and Novotny subjected their designs to rigorous analysis. by testing them on their own children. The result was their wildly successful Sport Utility Stroller. Then, through an endorsement by the famous Ironman triathlon endurance race as well as the addition of several more groundbreaking innovations such as a swiveling front wheel, B.O.B. has become one of the most visible, trusted names among athletic parents.